Exclusive Aero 8 Dealership

A Good Fit

Chariots of Palm Beach has gained a formidable reputation in the automobile industry as a leader in providing the highest quality, luxury vehicles available. It is no surprise that The Morgan Motor Company of England selected Chariots of Palm Beach as the exclusive dealer for Florida. We value and understand the distinguished tastes of our exclusive customer base and feel that bringing the Morgan car to the Florida market offers unique opportunities to see, drive and order some of the most astonishing automobiles available.

Chariots has already received delivery of the first Aero 8 convertible approved for sale in the United States. You won't see many of these on the road. In fact, there are only 300 owners outside of America. With only 200 per year allocated for the entire United States demand will far outweigh availability.

Chariots of Palm Beach currently has an Aero 8 and a Roadster America's demonstrator vechicles in its inventory. Click here to view current inventory or review Model Information for a detailed overview of available models for custom order and delivery.

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