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What is it that makes people fall in love with the Morgan car?

Is it the sleek design, timeless beauty, high performance, superb craftsmanship or its utter uniqueness? For those familiar with the Morgan car, we know you will agree that it is a combined symmetry of all these elements ( Look, Performance, Uniqueness) that makes them some of the most world renowned automobiles since their creation in 1910. Chariots of Palm Beach is proud to be Florida's exclusive dealership for Morgan Motor Company of England. 

morgan sports car

The Look.

Timeless beauty is the foundation of the Morgan car look. To see a Morgan car is to feast your eyes on classic perfection. From its conception, the Morgan car design has remained true to its creator's vision. Whether it is the classic Roadster America or the sexy curves of the Aero 8, there is no mistaking a Morgan car.

The Performance.

Describing the performance of a Morgan car is more than just listing all of the technical specifications (which we proudly display). It's about feeling the engine power as you grip the steering wheel and the way it commands the road as it glides from one destination to another. Quite simply, driving a Morgan car is like listening to an exhilarating symphony - in Florida, you can only do it at Chariots of Palm Beach.

Custom Ordering Your Car.

As if the look and performance of a Morgan car weren't enough, each car is made to fit your exact specifications like a Savile Row made to measure suit. Crafting a unique car is our specialty. There are over 35,000 paint colors available and 50 shades of leather to choose from. There are many special leathers and woods - even crocodile or ostrich finishes are available. The impeccable ash wood details boast matchless grain like the one-of-a-kind fingerprint of its driver. Please talk to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to custom order your next Morgan motorcar.

Are you ready to fall in love? 


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