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Morgan Aero 8 Now Available For Sale In United States, West Palm Beach, FL

Chariots of Palm Beach, Florida's exclusive dealership for Morgan Motor Company of England, announced that it has just received delivery of one of the first Aero 8 convertibles approved for sale in the United States. It was unveiled at the 2000 Geneva Motor Show and it delivered a "knock-out-punch" to car enthusiasts and manufacturers, in attendance, from all over the world. 

Since its introduction, there are three hundred proud owners of this distinctive roadster outside of America. Alan Garnett, Executive Chairman of Morgan Motor Company commented, "The recent achievement by our talented design and production staff is truly noteworthy. To meet the exacting modification requirements necessary, for compliance to offer this automobile to American purchasers is significant, even for major automobile manufacturers. In addition, all of the latest, state of the art technology has been packaged into a car that is actually lighter than its predecessor." 

The newly enhanced Aero 8 has an aluminum, coach built body and ultra modern, bonded aluminum chassis. Designed to comply with the rigorous safety standards in the U.S., Morgan has installed the latest generation electronic airbags, ABS, which incorporates electronic distribution through the use of speed sensors on all wheels, and BMW's latest 4.4 liter, Double Vanos V8, which not only pumps out 333 horsepower and 331 lb/ft of torque, but also exceeds the tough federal emission requirements. Within 4.5 seconds of summoning its mammoth power, you're at 60 mph, with a single gear change at 6200 rpm. This is a shattering statistic by anyone's standards and thanks to the AP racing brakes, with six-pot calipers in front and huge rotors all around, you thankfully have massive stopping power. The handling and performance of the newly enhanced Aero 8 is absolutely astonishing and is now available for purchase worldwide. 

Car Magazine, a leading publication in Europe for automobile enthusiasts, recently published an eight page feature story about the new Morgan Aero 8. Their editorial staff had the privilege of being the first people to drive this car on American soil. They entered America on the city streets of New York City and the following vignette capsulated the Aero 8's reception by our fellow Americans. "The minute we rumbled into town, New Yorkers gave us their answer. They loved the Aero 8, like no other car I've ever driven in the city, Lambos and Ferraris included." They went on to say that they never realized how many cellular phones with built-in cameras there really are. They saw them all; with about every third person they approached firing photos as they slowly passed them by. At each street corner someone stared, squawked or waved. In summary they stated, "During the course of 48 hours in New York, not a single person failed to like the Aero 8, so far as we know. Everyone we spoke with, who asked how much it cost, thought it was reasonably priced, given its rarity and exotic design. People thought it looked 'classy'. Few were familiar with the Morgan name, but for those who were in the know, it really made them smile. They may have been part of the target demographic that Morgan has in mind for the Aero 8 - well heeled car enthusiasts, looking for a true sports car, in its purist form, that will definitely make a statement when they're behind the wheel. 

Since 1909, Morgan has always been renowned for combining its unique blend of traditional construction with the latest available technology, but the Aero 8 is an all new breed of Morgan. Hugh Bate, owner of Chariots of Palm Beach, stated, "Its eye-catching design, superb handling and high performance BMW 4.4 liter engine puts it in an elite class; shared only with a few other, European produced, limited production models that are typically far more expensive." His only regret is that the anticipated high demand for the Aero 8, from high-end buyers in south Florida, will far outweigh the limited supply. The annual allocation for the entire United States is only 200 and every car is custom ordered and skillfully crafted to meet each customer's specifications. For example, the buyer can select from 35,000 paint colors and 50 shades of leather for the interior cockpit. It is about a four month process from the time you place your order until your vehicle arrives for delivery. In conclusion of the interview, Mr. Bate said, "The good news is that we have one of the first Aero 8's in America, so that our customers can see, drive and order this astonishing new Morgan. The bad news is that the supply, allocated for America this year, is limited and availability will dwindle very quickly." 

(More information concerning specific details on Brakes, Engine, Transmission, Wheels, Performance, Fuel Consumptions, Pricing, etc. can be supplied upon request.) 

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